Weed FX - CinePacks

Free Download Weed FX - CinePacks DANK VIDEO EFFECTS Download our WEED FX pack for the best cannabis inspired effects, transitions, and digital assets. We spent countless hours working on this pack with our team to bring you all of these in high quality 4K. It includes everything from hand-animated live action stop motion, to 2D hand drawn cartoon animations, and 3D computer generated (CGI) weed buds, leaves, and transitions!

JUST DRAG & DROP All the files are pre-keyed alpha channel files! That means you can just drag them directly over your footage! No need to key out any green screen - the backgrounds are already transparent! WEED FX INCLUDES: 25 hand-drawn 2D cartoon animations 29 stop motion effects and transitions 9 computer generated elements and transitions Perfect effects and transitions for use in music videos, weed documentaries, and cannabis branded content and videos!