Videohive Retro TV with Alpha Channel - Motion Graphics

Retro TV with Alpha Channel 4686960 Videohive - Free Download Motion Graphics Alpha Channel Yes | Video Encoding Photo PNG + Alpha | 1920x1080 | 444 Mb

An eficient and simple Alpha Channel video, so just put your video bellow this one in editing timeline, and got it! Music not included, but recomended. It can be downloaded from here: // An old wooden TV, when its turning on, looks really great for your Intro Videos, because this vintage look suits perfectly now and then when we talk about the television, the TV programs, films or commercials, because it`s a visual concept well known by everyone for decades, and still beloved. Your can put your video (Black&White or COLOURED, as well) and TV will play COLOURED or B&W depending on what you got.