Tour Visual Elements VOL 3 - Ezra Cohen

Free Download Tour Visual Elements VOL 3 - Ezra Cohen VOLUME 3 offers UNIQUE data layers, lightning, 3D figures, shape echos, grid tunnels, and more. And I couldn’t be more excited about the details this pack brings to projects. ALL NEW sci-if inspired motion elements, textures, and loops! Prores 4444 + alpha .mov for drag-and-drop overlay (blending modes optional) Compatible with Premiere, Final Cut, Davinci, AE, Resolume, and more Easily customize textures, colors, and effects Use as show-ready live visuals or overlays in your films Available in HD or 4K

 RETRO SCI-FI MEETS 2020 MINIMALISM +++ Tour Visual Elements are back and bigger than ever! Featuring brand new retro sci-if inspired minimalist loops to take your next film/show to the next level. My goal for this pack was to bring a the digital retro aesthetic I love so much and strip it back to the foundation with some new twists. They’re ready to go right out of the box - and even better when you apply your favorite filters and effects for infinite custom looks. PRORES + ALPHA CHANNEL In a BIG update, Tour Visual Elements VOL 3 now includes alpha channel on every layer. That means you can combine assets and apply your own effects, colors, and textures with more ease and control than ever before (blending modes optional)! OR if you prefer good old .mp4, I’ve included every element in that file type as well for quick download and use! And as always at 30fps, they are ready for smooth playback on any LED or projection rig in Pro Presenter, Ableton, Resolume Arena, or other VJ software. And of course you can customize completely in Premiere, Davinici, FCPX, AE, and more!