Samuel Silitonga Jr. Video LUTs

Free Download Samuel Silitonga Jr. Video LUTs - filtergrade Colorful, Cinematic Effects for Videographers This colorful & cinematic LUTs bundle comes . from creative photographer and videographer Samuel Silitonga Jr. This pack is the perfect bundle for editing travel and lifestyle footage, as well as fun videos with your friends! Sam’s LUTs bundle is a great little bundle of video filters to edit your natural lifestyle and adventure footage. His unique editing style will help you enhance your raw footage and bring it to life.

Start editing with Samuel Silitonga Jr.’s LUTs today. 5 LUTs for Filmmakers Colorful Tones Vibrant Lifestyle Effects Travel/Adventure Free Help Files and Support This product is compatible with Davinci Resolve, Adobe Premiere Pro CC+, Adobe After Effects CS6+, Adobe Speedgrade, Adobe Photoshop CS6+, and more. Learn more about how LUTs work.

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