Residual Income for Creatives - Ezra Cohen

Free Download Residual Income for Creatives - Ezra CohenResidual Income for CreativesLearn the mindset change and practical steps I took to go from overworked freelancer to making $1 MILLION residual income in just 12 months.

A comprehensive guide to the ultimate source of residual guide as a creative – creating and marketing digital products!– For filmmakers, photographers, musicians, designers, and more!– Learn how to make money from what’s already on your hard drive and in your workflow.– Learn how to create successful organic launches without spending a penny… and then target, advertise, and scale!OVERVIEW01. MINDSETThis is NOT about quitting as an artist. This is about getting money out of the way so you can create more fearlessly – all while helping other creators.Shift your mindset off the hamster wheel towards a new more profitable way of thinking as an artist.01.2 BUILDING THE RUNWAYHow am I supposed to find the time for residual income when I have a real job and responsibilities?Harness the power of the crowd-sourced marketplace and begin making residual income NOW from assets you already own.02. RESEARCH + DEVELOPMENTLearn how to fill the gap between the things that inspire you and the holes you can fill in the marketplace.See case studies of how I built $100k+ revenue products from mood boards and assets on my hard drive.03. LOGISTICSLearn the platforms I used to publish my store and automate my sales.PRO TIP: you don’t actually have to start a new company or even build a new website!04. MARKETINGLearn how to bring your product to market successfully and profitably without spending a dime on ads.I’ll go into detail on theory on pricing, communicating benefit, writing copy that sells, and closing purchases!05. SCALINGWhat if I told you there was a machine that gave you $5 back for every $1 you put in?I’ll teach you my approach to scaling a business through effective targeting and advertising. With real case studies of campaigns still winning 12 months later.