Mastering Macro Photography - The Complete Shooting and Editing - Fstoppers

Free Download Mastering Macro Photography - The Complete Shooting and Editing - Fstoppers | 30 Gb Before you report this Please Review the Files and Download the torrent Because More than 50% of this torrent is CG related as Andres walks you through his full Lightroom and Photoshop workflow This macro photography tutorial takes you through a variety of studio shoots and then into the jungles of Central America. Andres teaches his techniques to shoot fine art, products, live insects, amphibians, and reptiles. Each lesson is accompanied by a post-processing section where Andres will demonstrate his full Lightroom and Photoshop workflow. This tutorial is perfect for anyone wanting to get started in or perfect their macro photography.

What Is Covered in This Tutorial: Photography basics (ISO, shutter speed, aperture, etc.) Overview of best lenses and gear for macro photography Tips for better composition & How To Edit to make better Composition Flowers & How To Edit Flowers Refraction & How To Edit Refraction Photos Oil and water & How To Edit Jewelry (product) & How To Edit - Masking and etc. Live insects (crawling and flying) & How to Edit Insects Lighting techniques Backgrounds & How to Edit Backgrounds Shooting during the day and night Focus stacking and maximizing depth of field & Edit in Lightroom Finding subjects Handling and manipulating subjects Building panoramic images & How to Edit Raw processing and editing workflow Color correction and image adjustment Basic object removal, painting, and cloning Masking and layering techniques Compositing and digital recreation