LutPacks Bundle (ALL 24 LUTs) - Sellfy

Premium LutPacks Bundle (ALL 24 LUTs) - Sellfy It includes all of my original LUTs (24 LUTs) ( 11 SLOG LUTs / 10 CINE LUTs / 3 D-Cinelike LUTs) it works on any editing software, which accepts 3D LUT, such as FCPX, PR, DR, PS and LR. Also, I highly recommend you need a tool, color finale or something eles, to adjust “Lift” “Gamma” and “Gain” in order to get best result.

Gear Camera: A7III, Mavic Air Setting: S-log2&3 , S-Gamut3.Cine , exposure(+2) CINE4 , S-Gamut3.Cine D-Cinelike , Contrast: -3 , Saturation: -2  

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