LoopMasters - Unity Samples Techno Megapack

Free Download LoopMasters - Unity Samples Techno Megapack This MEGAPACK includes 12 SAMPLE PACKS at 80% OFF with over 2730 Samples (4.70 GB) available exclusively at Loopmasters! This MEGAPACK consists of all essential production tools including: Synths, Drum loops, Synth Arps, FX Drones, Techno and Tech House loops and Vocals, Percs, Tops, Atmospheres and the list goes ON and ON! Unity Samples are packed with the hottest and most recent sounding techno samples that help to lead trends within the techno scene for many. This 12-Pack Monster will also provide with a huge variety of single shot sounds with layered down stem loops which will enable you to start making fat sounding techno tracks in just minutes. Our goal is to make music production easy at the most highest quality possible whether you are just starting out as a producer or already are an experienced techno veteran looking for that extra edge and quality in your productions. Our sample packs are inspired by record label likes of Drumcode, Intec, Terminal M, Tronic, Suara and acts like Adam Beyer, Umek, Monika Kruse, Pan-Pot, Pig & Dan, Dino Maggiorana, D-Unity and many others...

Unity Samples Vol.1 20 Background Loops 10 Bass Loops 72 Drum Loops 10 Effects 56 One Shots (Kicks, Claps, Hats) 11 Top Loops Unity Samples Vol.2 11 Bass Loops 68 Drum Loops 19 Effects 51 One Shots (Kicks, Claps, Hats) Unity Samples Vol.3 16 Atmos 12 Claps 11 FX 16 Hats 16 Kicks 06 Perc 09 Rides 06 Synths 08 Tops 09 Voice 24 One Shots (Kicks, Claps, Hats) 31 Techno Loops Unity Samples Vol.4 66 Beat loops 20 FX15 Hats 20 Background Loops 19 Kicks 21 Claps Unity Samples Vol.5 20 Background Loops 10 Bass Loops 20 FX Loops 30 One Shot Sound 42 Top Loops 20 Vocal Loops Unity Samples Vol.6 128 Beat Loops 20 FX Loops 70 One Shot Sounds (Hats, Kicks, Snares, Vocals) 15 Top Loops 15 Synth Loops Unity Samples Vol.7 120 BEAT LOOPS 20 EFFECTS 20 KICKS 20 HATS 20 SNARES 05 TOPS Unity Samples Vol.8 15 BACKGROUND LOOPS 10 BASSLINE LOOPS 63 DRUM LOOPS 10 EFFECTS 10 KICK LOOPS 10 TOP LOOPS 10 VOX LOOPS Unity Samples Vol.9 175 DRUM LOOPS 20 EFFECTS 19 SNARES / CLAPS 18 HATS 16 KICKS 20 TOPS Unity Samples Vol.10 232 Beat Loops 30 FX 30 Melody Loops 25 Melody Stabs Single Shots: Clap / Snare 20 Hats 20 Kicks 20 Top Loops 25 Unity Samples Vol.11 266 Beat Loops 30 Techno Synth Loops 40 Efx Single Shots: Clap / Snare 35 Hats 25 Kick 25 Rides 08 Unity Samples Vol.12 281 Beat Loops / Techno Synth Loops Single Shots: Clap / Snare 20 Hats 20 Kicks 27 22 EFFECTS 22 TOP LOOPS

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