Lens Distortions - Modern Light Hits

Free Download Lens Distortions - Modern Light Hits | 18.8 Gb Features Includes 85 curated clips 6 Distinct Categories: Quick, Slow, Pan, Pulse, Flicker, Subtle Compatible with all video editing apps

Intriguing Textures Any kind of light brightens a scene… but Modern Light Hits also adds texture. Whether you’re looking to dress up some VFX shots or add a bit of complexity to a minimal shot, these flares are great for creating intrigue. Bold and Balanced This library is designed to take the cinematic tone of your film to the next level. Though bold, the effects show a lot of restraint compared to typical Hollywood flares. Each Light Hit was captured in-camera on unique lenses, giving you chromatic detail and alluring blue hues. 6 Distinct Categories 90 Effects Total 01 Quick Grab attention and create a sense of urgency with the clips in the Quick folder. These also work great as transition elements between cuts or speed-ramped shots. 02 Slow With silky smooth motion, this category contains effects that linger a bit longer, giving you lots of flexibility to fade in and out, manipulate their speed, or use them to cover longer sections of video. 03 Pan These effects are made to pair with your sweeping drone shots or fast-paced camera moves and are some of the most versatile effects in the library. 04 Pulse Simple, slow movement of light that comes in and out, giving you just a bit more complexity than the clips in the Slow folder. 05 Flicker Fast and urgent, these effects give you rapid pops of light that grab attention and indicate speed. 06 Subtle Deliberately understated textures you can use to add a bit more organic character to a shot.

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