JW Retro Assets Pack

Free Download JW Retro Assets Pack JW Retro Assets Pack|For Adobe Premiere Pro 39 Motion Graphic Templates (in 4K and HD) 5 Retro fonts A vintage-effect LUT Emulate 16mm film titles, grindhouse title effects, VHS text, arcade text. No motion graphics experience needed. Simple interface with sliders, colour pickers, text input boxes and other easy-to-use controls.

Included in download: LUTs Retro Film Fonts JW VHS Mono JW Nostromo JW Pixel JW Godard JW Retro Wide Motion Graphics Templates (MOGRTs) 16mm Cigarette burn 16mm Comic 16mm Dust 16mm Flare 16mm Flare 2 16mm Simple credit 16mm Text centralised 16mm Text converge 16mm Text double credit 16mm Text left-ranged 16mm Text right-ranged Arcade Codebreaker text Film reel end Gameboy Grindhouse – Restricted Grindhouse – Shadow title Grindhouse – Text page Grindhouse – Title Grindhouse – End screen Hitchhiker MU.TH.ER 6000 Rainbow text outline Rainbow text solid Rainbow text zoom Screen text Screen text 2 Title – 80s chrome Title – Bass 1 Title – Bass 2 Title – Horror Title – Noir Title – Tarantino TV off TV on VHS title VHS warning Vignette in Vignette out

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