Indie Filmmaking Masterclass: Directing

Free Download Indie Filmmaking Masterclass: Directing Jozua Malherbe, film & television director, is going to be talking about directing and the basic principles of what it is that a director does. During this course, he will answer the following questions to give you a clearer understanding of what exactly it is directors do on set, what their duties are and how a director fits into the magical chain of filmmaking: 1. What makes a good script? 2. How do I write a script? 3. How do I interpret a script as a director? 4. What is the process of casting actors? 5. How do I work with actors on set? 6. How do you create a world for the actor and the character? 7. How do I choose my crew? 8. How involved am I in the budget and the schedule? 9. What do I do in post-production? 10. What to do after the film is done.

By not being on the same page as your actors you might end up spending way too much time on set trying to figure each other out – and this is the last place where you want to find out that you and your actors have completely different views on the characters. Please explain what you will do to create a world for you and the actors where a character can be explored to avoid not being on the same page.