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Free Download Gun FX - Cinepacks 3D GUN ASSETS, BULLETS HOLES, & MORE Gun FX is a visual effects pack of over 100 4K assets ranging from 3D gun animations, overlays, transitions, visual effects elements and sounds. Gun FX is perfect to use in any music video, youtube video or action packed film. We animated CG weapons and ammunition to create unique transitions with popular firearms. Featuring popular weapons like the Colt 1911, Glock 19, Uzi Submachine Gun, and the M16 Assault rifle. Just drag & drop these alpha transparent MOV files straight over your footage and instantly get Gun FX.

100+ ASSETS INCLUDED 12 Pistol Animations (Glock, Colt, Spinning Loops) 8 M16 Assault Rifle Animations 11 Uzi Animations 6 Animated Glass Bullet holes 19 Muzzle Flash Overlays (Front/Profile Angles) 12 Ammunition Animations (Raining Shells, Shells Firing) 40 High Quality Gun Sound Effects (Gunshots, Firing, Handling) VFX ASSETS MUZZLE FLASHES, BULLET HOLES, SHELL CASINGS Bring your films and music videos to life with our high quality action visual effects assets. Our animated bullet holes can be used to composite over footage easily and the muzzle flashes are perfect for any shootout action scene. Just drag and drop the muzzle flash straight over your clips and add a shell casing ejecting from the chamber to help sell the effect! INCLUDES 40 GUN SOUND EFFECTS Add on to your visual effects with high quality gun sound effects! Each one of our sound effects were professionally recorded live with real guns. This folder includes firing sounds from popular pistols and assault rifles as well as gun handling sounds like loading magazines and cocking to help make your scenes more realistic.

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