Emeric's Timelapse Complete Pack – Emeric Le Bars

Free Download Emeric's Timelapse Complete Pack – Emeric Le Bars Duration: 24h27 Language: English Videos: 113 Level: Beginner to Expert

1. TIMELAPSE MASTER CLASS 2019 - CREATE, EDIT, SELL 35 videos 7h47 Create and sell timelapse videos online 2. MASTER LRTIMELAPSE (NEW 2020) 10 videos 2h Master LRTimelapse, the software that will change how you edit and create timelapse videos. 3. COLOR CORRECTION FOR TIMELAPSE PHOTOGRAPHY (NEW 2020) 26 videos 7h25 Learn how to edit and color correct your urban and nature timelapse videos with Lightroom. Learn how to analyze and read your images to get the most out of your raw sequence. 4. THE PERFECT SETTINGS FOR THE PERFECT TIMELAPSE 7 videos 1h22 Everything you need to know about selecting the right settings and intervals in timelapse photography 5. ADVANCED CLEANING FOR TIMELAPSE PHOTOGRAPHY (NEW) 12 videos 2h46 Learn how to clean your timelapse videos to create better content 6. THE ADVANCED HYPERLAPSE COURSE 10 videos 1h47 Learn how to shoot and stabilize amazing Hyperlapse videos 7. SHOOT AND EDIT DAY-TO-NIGHT TIMELAPSES CLASS 13 videos 1h20 Learn how to shoot and edit flawless, flickerfree day to night timelapse videos

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