Compositing Secrets Josh Rossi

Free Download Compositing Secrets Josh Rossi Compositing Secrets is a complete crash course for the photographer who wants to master shooting, lighting, compositing, and coloring.

Here’s What You Get… Lighting Theory Discover how to creatively light any scene 1. Introduction to Lighting 2. How to Light for a Composite 3. My Go-To Light Modifiers 4. How to Recreate Realistic Shadows 5. Best Lights To Use For Composite Images 6. How To Use Colored Gels 7. Advanced Lighting Scenarios Coloring and Editing Discover how to creatively color your images 1. Coloring Basics 2. Creating Surreal Backgrounds 3. How To Create Unique Coloring Actions 4. Best Way To Mask For A Composite 5. Turn A Daytime Image Into A Nighttime Image 6. How To Create Advanced Composites Advanced Retouching Discover how to retouch skin, backgrounds, and more. 1. Retouching Basics 2. How To Create A Painted Look 3. How To Add Advanced Realistic Shadows 4. Budget For LG Photoshoot 5. Advanced 7 Light Setups 6. Advanced Masking 7. Advanced Coloring