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Free Download Combust 4K Fire Explosions Pack - VfxCentral Mov | 39 Clips | 3840X2160 | 3.6 GB

COMBUST was filmed using high-end professional cameras, giving you more detail and dynamic range.All explosions have been exported as Quicktime Apple Pro-res format, 4k resolution. How To Use: Open the “COMBUST 4K Explosions” folder and  import selected .mov files into preferred program. “ i.e.  Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere, Nuke, Fusion, Final Cut” Next, drag and drop your “4k-Combust” file in a layer above your footage. Finally, Change your composite mode to either ‘Screen’ or ‘Add’. Features 39 professional 4k Fire Explosions 15 explosions shot at 24 fps and 24 explosions shot at 56 and 95 fps Five extra 4k digital smoke/ dust explosions