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Premium Canon LUTs Fixthephoto Add a vintage or cinematic touch in a single click. Wedding and street style clips will also become more attractive. The tones and hues will be warmer, deeper and more attractive. The set includes 20 Professional Canon LUTs in .CUBE format suitable for professional video color grading. It is designed by experts and will appeal to experienced video editors, newcomers, YouTube bloggers, shooters and travelers who want to achieve more than ordinary video editing software can offer. 20 Canon LUTs

Compatible with Sony Vegas, Premiere Pro CC, After Effects CC, FCPX, DaVinci Resolve, etc. Available in .CUBE format For video editing on Windows and Mac OS User-friendly Canon LUTs Fixthephoto: Cold shadow LUT is suitable for outdoor videos. It adds a slight blue toning and draws the viewer’s attention to the central subject.The LUT makes the skin color more attractive. Contrast LUT is the best choice for street clips. The LUT enhances the overall contrast, so the video becomes deeper and clearer. Dark Shadow Canon LUT makes the video more expressive due to enhanced colors. It is suitable for indoor clips. The LUT emphasizes the subjects in the foreground. Dynamic LUT will be the best option for wedding and love story videos. The LUT adds warm toning and makes the models’ skin tone more appealing. Teal Water Canon LUT highlights blue colors and improves the overall contrast of the video. It suits beach clips best of all. Landscape LUT is perfect for videos recorded in the open area. It adds bright colors and makes the clip livelier. Balance Color LUT is helpful for editing clips recorded outdoors. It regulates the colors and makes them pop. Colorful LUT is ideal for urban, dynamic videos. The colors become brighter and the overall scene acquires a lively look. Vintage Canon LUT matches almost all videos. Wedding and engagement clips will especially benefit from it. The colors become warmer and more involving.  Frosted Glass LUT emphasizes green hues and makes them more intense.  Turquoise LUT is suitable for outdoor and beach clips. It improves the contrast and makes the subject popping. The colors become deeper. Faded Ice LUT is ideal for outdoor clips. The accent is made on the foreground with nice blurred background details. The colors are pleasant and natural. Brown Depth LUT is typically used for wedding, event and family video editing. It adds a warm brown toning to the scene.  Purple Tint LUT can be applied both to indoor and outdoor clips. The LUT adds purple hues and accentuates details. It’s better to avoid using it for landscape videos. Saturation Canon LUT is a good choice for dynamic clips. It makes videos more involving. 

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