Animation and Design of Characters in After Effects - Domestika

Free Download Animation and Design of Characters in After Effects - Domestika Moncho Massé - ilustrator and motion grapher with extensive experience in creating animated loops for all types of brands and projects- will teach you how to design and animate characters using Only After Effects. You will learn to create infinite stories, from short animations in gif format, that you can share in your social networks. You will start discovering in depth the work of Moncho Massé and he will tell you what kind of works and what artists and professionals inspire him. Next, he will explain the basic principles of After Effects for those who are not familiar with this work environment. And it will teach you the fundamental keys to work your animations in gif format.

Once the basic concepts are settled, you will begin to work on your characters. First you will learn to design them and then you will create a simple rig that will help you give life to your illustrations, making your character move both the head and the rest of the body. Moncho will pose two infinite animations, that is, they will be repeated constantly in a loop: in one you will create a character drinking coffee and in the other the protagonist will get on a bicycle and will have to avoid different obstacles. Once you have finished all the details, you will learn to export your animations to gif format to be able to share them on social networks. COURSE TABLE OF CONTENTS Presentation Basic Knowledge Design and character rig Creating loop 1: Coffee for everyone! Creating loop 2: Kamikaze cyclist Final project

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