Animating With Light - Skillshare

Free Download Animating With Light - Skillshare In this class I'll show you my own method for simulating light in After Effects. You'll learn how to turn any text, graphic or animation into a neon sign, building completely custom glow effects. We'll also go over lots of tips and tricks for animating with shape layers, using precompositions to make a procedurally generated effect, a simple expression rig for color management, and lots more! Once you understand how to simulate light you'll be able to add an extra level of realism to any design or animation.

This class is designed for artists who have some experience with After Effects, but it's not required. As with all of my courses, you'll be able to follow along step-by-step with my videos even if you've never used the software before. But if you'd like a beginner's intro to After Effects first, check out The Beginner's Guide to Animating Custom GIFs, or Hand Lettering In Motion. Project Steps You can quickly and easily get your project going right away with these 4 simple steps: Pick a restaraunt you want to make a neon sign for and post it to your project page. Design your sign and post it to the project page. Include any inspiration you found to help other students get creative. Create a custom neon glow in After Effects and apply it to your design. Post a still image of the glow to your project page. Animate your neon sign traditionally or creatively (or both!) and post a looping video to your project page.