Amir Zakeri’s Masterclass

Free Download Amir Zakeri’s Masterclass 60+ VIDEO LESSONS With over 15 hours of educational content, ZVA teaches you ALL the techniques, tips, and secrets to becoming a successful filmmaker. Become a pro in this business, and master your craft! WHO IS THIS FOR? Beginners If you have never picked up a camera before, used an editing program, or are just getting started, but always dreamed of creating videos, then this is for you. I cover all of the basic fundamentals plus so many useful tips and all my creative techniques to take your videos to the next level. Experienced You know how to create stunning videos but you struggle on growing your business and getting high paying jobs or growing your social media following. This is for you. I will help you land clients and also show you my biggest mistakes over the years that have cost me tens of thousands of dollars so you don’t make them too!

People Who Are Stuck If you are stuck working a boring job and want to pursue your creative passions and travel the world, then this is for you. I show how you can take your filmmaking skills from this course and turn your hobby into a part-time job, or even a full fledged career.